TAS Review

Marcela Abadi Rhoads, RAS, is pleased to offer Plan and Review and Inspection Services on behalf of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. Submittals for review services must be received by our office within 20 days after issuing for construction/regulatory review (or 20 days after posting for bids on public works projects). Fees can be sent 14 days after issuing for construction. Submittal must include the following:

  1. One Complete set of construction documents (plans and specifications) for all disciplines. All documents applicable to the project should be submitted as one package to ensure inclusion in the review.
  2. A fully completed Architectural Barriers Project Registration Form enclosed for each site/address or State Lease Registration Form if applicable. The online Project Registration Confirmation Page can also be sent
  3. A fully completed Proof of Submission Form This form must be signed by design professional
  4. A fully completed Owner Agent Designation (if Owner has hired a third party to be his representative during the process). This must be signed by the person who holds the title to the property.
  5. Fees paid in full for the work ordered. Make checks payable to Abadi Accessibility. NOTE: If inspection fees are not paid with review fees, owner must pay applicable inspection fees and notify RAS or TLDR of the point of contact within 30 days of completion of construction (based on the date in #16 of your registration form).If travel outside of the DFW area is required, additional fees will apply. Refer to this MAP for fees associated with each city.TDLR filing fees are now required to be paid online. Abadi Accessibility can pay this for you, but payment must be received in advance
  6. When construction documents are submitted after completion of construction, the late submittal fee plus review and inspection fees shall apply
  7. If any variance have been requested of TDLR prior to submittal of documents, a copy of a Variance Application Form and, if received, TDLR’s responses.

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